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WWTS 008 ~~ Circle Boro Patch



  • 30s Fine Cotton Combed
  • 100% cotton
  • Canvas Twill Boro Patch
  • Reguler Fit
  • Pre-shrunk

Triple Needle Collar

Back in the days when textile industry technology isnt as advanced as now, a lot of sewing techniques is applied to enhance garments durability and strength.

One of the highest level technique for Tshirt is a triple needle construction collar. The triple needle construction is not to put 3 needles on the ribs area. Rather, they put 2 of the stitching at the ribs area and the other 1 is in the main body area.

The purpose of this technique is to make sure the main body parts and the neck ribs synchronize. This will minimize the difference of shrinking and twisting ratio of the garment and will keep the shape of the Tshirt for the longer time because of the daily washing and drying process.

Japanese Boro Patch

Instead of using a simple print process for the tshirts, these models applied a hard to make patch details on each articles. We use an individually printed fabrics and put them together in an interesting combination.

All of the patch is made from a canvas twill fabric. So the feeling of sturdiness and robustness can be felt when wearing the garment.

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