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WWSH 004 – Two Tone Wabash SS



  • 8oz Handwoven Fabric
  • WARPWEFT Signature Wabash Pattern
  • 100% Cotton Twill
  • Manual Indigo Hand-dyed
  • Traditional Resist-Dye Printing
  • Natural Shell Button
  • Workwear Construction
  • Reguler Fit
  • One-washed

Fabric Materials

The pattern is applied to the fabric with a traditional resist dye technique. We apply a wax based solution to the un-dyed undyed fabric. Then it goes through a hand-dyed process where the indigo will not penetrate the fabric covered by the ink. That’s how the pattern can appear subtle as a vintage indigo shirt.

The dot wabash pattern applied at this fabric is not a common dot. Our Warpweftco brand and signature cotton logo is hidden between all the dots.

Base fabric is made from a 8oz cotton twill fabric. The cotton twill is made using a traditional handwoven technique by the artisans with over than 20 years of experiences. Slowly made to ensure the texture and feel that cannot be replicate by today’s production technique.

Indigo Hand-Dyed

Nowadays, any manufactaring process is done in the simplest and fastest way to be able to supply the mass product industry. As we are a very detailed micro-brand, we decide to do the process in much more slow-detailed-traditional and long forgotten methods.

All of our indigo shirting fabric is manually hand-dyed by the skillful master dyer to achieve the beautiful shades of indigo that we requested. Also with hand-dyed method, we can achieve the uneveness that can make the indigo color on every single garments different

Triangle Side Gusset

Triangular piece of fabric is attached to both sides of the bottom hem of the garments.This detail is usually seen in vintage shirts.

It is said, in the early years it was attached with the means to reinforce the part of the hem. This will also allow the side-bottom parts of the shirt to open up a little for the ease of movement and activity


Size Chart

Asset 35-2
Weight N/A
Apparel Size

Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

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