F R E E S H I P P I N G   W O R L D W I D E   F O R   M I N I M U M   O R D E R   O F   U S D  1 5 0 , ~




  • 14oz Japanese Selvedge Denim
  • 100% cotton
  • Kibata/ Loomstate
  • Pure Indigo dyed
  • Extra Low Tension Weaved Fabrics
  • Super Short Slub Texture
  • Sourced from a Small Family Run Mills in Okayama
  • YKK Japan Hardwares
  • Continuous Selvedge Fly
  • Original Yellow “Essential Arcuate”
  • Slim Straight Fit

Fabric Materials

WARPWEFT’s EX-10x series is our signature midweight denim lineup.

The yarn is made by twisting severals 100% cotton slub yarn into the desired yarn size. By doing this , we can achieve the crisp and rough texture that we want for our denim. Using the twisted #6 slub warp yarn and #6 slub weft yarn, it weaved through a painstaking extra low tension shuttle loom by the oldest and finest small family mills in Okayama. Thus resulting a very slubby, hairy, and irregular featured fabric.

The yarn is rope dyed using a pure indigo dye without any other dying agents involved. The color itself is grayish when it’s Raw , but will evolve into a nice dark shades of blue when soaked.

This fabric will result in a less sharp contrast result, instead it will show a superb protruding slub textures and characters once it fades.

WARPWEFT Standards Construction

All of our jeans are slowly made to ensure quality.

With this mindset, we never thought of trying to simplify even one process of denim making. We try our best to present all of the most complicated details and sewing technique that featured in an early age vintage denim.

Though we understand that several details such as “Raised Belt Loop”,  “Raised Pocket Opening”, “Hidden Rivets”, “Chainstitch Hemming” and the “Usage of various Thread Thickness” didnt show any big difference in visual, but we’re insisted to keep doing it because we know that in a few years of wearing, every little details that we’ve done will show a noticable difference in term of fading properties and the strength of the product.

Handwoven Indigo Dye Pocket Fabric

We are producing our own original pocket bag interlining fabric from scratch.

First of all, the fabric is made with a Handwoven shuttle loom, which needed a very long time to produced. We then print the Japanese asano-ha pattern using a traditional resist dye method. Finally hand dye the fabric in a natural indigo vat for several times until it reach a dark shade of indigo.

This fabric shows our love with both countries breath cause it printed with Japanese traditional pattern made using Indonesian local’s batik technique


The Button and Rivets attached in our jeans are exclusively made for WARPWEFT COMPANY by YKK JAPAN.

Our Cotton Logo is engraved at The Buttons and The Male Parts of the Rivets, while our brand initial is engraved at the female parts of the tack and rivets. These hardware’s material is made from a copper with a dark brass color to achieve more neutral and subtle feels to the jeans

Selvedge Continues Fly

For a lot of peoples, fly is considered just as an open-close mechanism of the jeans. But for us, fly parts is very important that we decide to present the best fly construction ever made, The continues fly.

The fly on our jeans is made from 1 continues piece of fabric instead of 2 separate pieces. Even seems unlikely, in years of constant wearing, there is a chance that the fly may be detached from each other. When that happens , usually it gonna be so hard to fix them, moreover if you want it to be as good as it used to be. With continues fly construction, we will reduce the chance of the broken fly to almost impossible.

WARPWEFT COMPANY take this 1 step even further, the continues fly is made from the selvedge parts of the fabric. Even though its not even visible from the outside, we still decided to present it to the owner of the jeans, cause everytime you button up your jeans, you will be able to admire this detail.

Interlined Yoke

Yoke is like the center parts of the jeans. It integrate the left and right main body parts of the jeans , and also the top and bottom part of the top block.

Because of its important task to handle the stress from the owners wear and movement, we decide to interline the yoke using our Handwoven Indigo Dyed Pocket Fabric to reinforced its strength. This will also act as a signature enhancer for the jeans.

The Essential Arc

Arcuate or known by most people as Arc, is the main visual signature of the jeans. As we said, we never put too much effort into the visual area. So we decide to design the arc just so it represent these few fundamental requirements:

1. The Arc Stitch should positioned center and balance inside the pocket area
2. All the stitching must be able to be sewn from one side to another side without lifting the needle
3. The Arc must have at least 1 looped stitch (intersect stitch)

Our Signature Arcuate is made just so it can qualify those 3 points above, thats why we called it “The Essential Arc”


Weight 1 kg

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