F R E E S H I P P I N G   W O R L D W I D E   F O R   M I N I M U M   O R D E R   O F   U S D  1 5 0 , ~

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The Brand

Warp and Weft is what we simply called the perfect blend. Those two hold onto each others and form into one of the most characteristic fabric known to man, Denim. Like both warp and weft, the union of your skin and our jeans will bring out the best faded jeans that record all of your life and soul wearing it.

Based on my passion for jeans, i try to bring you a classic inspired jeans which use a vintage construction and fabric. But since we can’t separate jeans and lifestyle, so i decided to blend it with a modern fit and details to get the best of both world.


Each pairs of the jeans is handcrafted through a skillful, careful and delicate process by Indonesian’s best tailors and artisans. With the concept of “Classic Inspiration Modern Presentation” , we brought WARPWEFTco into existence.

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Cotton warp yarns are run through a machine to prepare them for rope dyeing.

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Kuroki’s weaving facility contains two huge rooms full of vintage Toyoda shuttle looms that produce selvedge denim all day long.

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